Striving to create beautiful work 

At School 21 we believe every child and adult should strive to create beautiful work. For that to happen there needs to be time and space to think, experiment, play, develop, reflect. It comes from a culture that values exploration and not rigid answers - open rather than closed thinking. My attempt at this has involved photography. It is a passion that has grown and developed. I am at the foothills of being the photographer I want to be, but I have found something that allows me to see the world in a different way. Photography is all about light. Observing how light falls; the shadow it casts. The way surprising objects are illuminated provides a different lens on the world. It makes you recognise intricate details as well as the big picture. That combination matters. Photography also has another fundamental paradox - it takes time and thought but also a split second to achieve. 

© Peter Hyman, 2019